As a startup in the North American market your first 

customers and POCs are crucial. 

Fruition Business Group can help you achieve your initial 

goals faster and more cost effectively

Fruition Business Group:

We can help you increase the valuation of your 

startup through the validation that comes from 

additional customers and pilot programs.

Increase your valuation 


Leverage your fundraising 


Leverage business development operations to 

increase funding from investors.

Years of experience waiting for you

Our well-earned reputation is the result of our ability to help customers become market-ready technology companies with successful high growth ventures. 


Your Business Development Unit (BD & Sales Unit) in North America

As a technology company that has begun to do business 

in North America. 

Fruition Business Development services can help you 

ramp up your business, increase market penetration 

and awareness. 

It's all about results! 

  • Business models based on results** 
  • BDMs with decades of experience and a proven track record in the technology industry
  • A local, professional representative to provide you with a presence in North America. 

* The business model may include upfront or monthly fees according to your company's stage of development and its readiness for the marketplace. 

We provide a Business Development Manager 

based on your needs: